Foam Brick

Advantages of Using Foam Brick

1. Lower Prices

Daedong FT Ltd. produces all its goods in-house, as compared to other firms. By skipping the intermediaries, we are able to offer competitive and reasonable prices.

2. DIY Interior Design

Anyone can be a construction expert. An adhesive back layer allows for quick application in an easy, simple, and professional manner. Our products are recommended for those wanting to change their house, but don’t want to go through unnecessary work.

3. 8mm Optimal Thickness

Eliminate mold and condensation in areas prone to breakouts by using foam bricks, which will block them out altogether. Our foam bricks also eradicate the toxicity of cement, improving the quality of your living.

4. Roll-Based Foam Bricks

Daedong FT Ltd.’s foam bricks are produced in 20m and 50m blocks, allowing for competitive pricing. Our products are convenient and allow for quick application.

Foam Bricks

Our foam blocks are 7.5mm thick and ensure insulation, and have a clear and organic brick pattern. See the difference with the compressed brick designs from other providers. Available in different colors.

Product Specification

Products Thickness Size Colors/Design
Foam-Brick 7.5T Roll : 1 x 50m White, Marble-brown, Marble-green, Marble-beige, Marble-gray,
Pink, Mint, Gray, Brown
Roll : 1 x 20m(Line O)
Roll : 1 x 20m(Line X)
5.5T Roll : 1 x 20m(Line O)
Roll : 1 x 20m(Line X)
Mono Foam-Brick 6T Roll : 0.66 x 30m White, Pink, Mint, Gray, Brown